For Takahata-san!

But what is that sound?
Rush! Growls of mortal peril!
Fire from the skies.

For honour and love
Veterans at tug-of-war
Banter as he cries.

Amongst shattered dreams
From the fire, innocence
Sheltered in the caves.

See those fireflies?
Try to keep them, and you will
Lead them to their graves.

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Ode to Winter

O majestic force of heaven above, thy elaborate
Plot of desolation, despair, thy dominating dread,
Thy blissful, breath-taking brilliance binds
My senses, when thy gentle, cold wings are spread.
Dark and dreary, the lights in the skies then softly fade,
The shadows I once cast now cast me, O Winter!
For by thy unconquerable might, bound am I.
The sound of a child’s delight, O hear!

O, for a ray of the warm burning sun,
Shining off lakes – silent, but for life –
That by thy omnipresent prominence
Shiver; shiver, and look to the darkened skies,
And watch, transfixed by thy glorious aura,
When with thine masterful strokes in black and grey
Thou cover’st the land in picturesque gloom.
The sound of thy stunning silence, O hear!

The wind, O Winter! flees before thy mighty self,
Crackling, hiding, rushing in vain, through branches countless –
That once sunburnt, warmth-kissed and green, now belong to thee –
Singing like a madman, thy ferocious praise!
O wild destroyer of peace in the wilderness,
Thy soulful silence broken by his meaningless fear,
The fiercest creatures, in thy shadows, tremble,
The sounds of their pounding hearts, O hear!

O, for a warm brew, as dark as thee, sweet as thy calm
To awaken my senses, that in thy presence falter,
And fail to grasp, thy essence, in all its esteemed glory!
O parent! Preserver of dreams! What wrong did man, for
Blind is he, to thine undying love. O, immortal spark,
To whom, is owed fire’s grandeur! By thy shielding wings
I walk, unafraid! Thou art not meant to fade; stay!
Stay! Thy son’s despair, O hear!

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This feels wonderful, Delhi,

For you show us the grandeur of our past

The kings who once breathed their last

On this land, all powerful, left us splendid

Marvels, the tourists all attended,

The spicy food, the President’s guard,

The everyday man’s simple jugaad,

Overloaded trucks, the skinny driver,

The ironic filth in the holy river,

And yet, you are the liveliest city,

Couldn’t you just be near the sea?

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A tiny tale..

“I saw John murder the landlord, through the window, from my house across the street”, said the witness. “Through this dense fog?” asked the detective.

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Why I chose this blog title?

Alrighty then. Now “Why I chose this blog title?” might seem like it was thought up by a six-year old, but at this point of time, when the clock on my laptop screen reads 1:52 AM, I really can’t think of anything else.

Luckily, the guy in the opposite room is far more interesting than the other guy in my own room (who’s snoring and making weird noises as I type, dreaming about his girlfriend in all probability as the sounds suggest). And during a boring chat of ours, the guy in the opposite room, Manav – as his parents chose to call him – stumbled upon a Facebook post about how cumbersome setting passwords would be. We had a good laugh, as we do all day at our hostel, but never did I even think that I would be sitting and typing a blog post at well…  1:56 AM. That too about how I was forced to stick with as my blog address. Not that it isn’t catchy, but it does look like a desperate move. I assure you it was one. I somehow have the patience to sit and type boring blog posts, but evidently not enough to choose a name that someone else hadn’t chosen already.

At 2:08 AM, I jerk awake, realizing that I’d hit random keys on my keyboard, which really did turn out to be the script for my room-mate’s noises, but that’s for another post, as the open pdf on my laptop reminds me of an impending maths quiz.

So bye-bye for now. And hey! I almost forgot..

Hello, I’m Rajagopal…